How to travel in corona times?

Last updated: 3 June 2020

As of 15 June Belgian borders will open again for non-essential travel in Europa/the Schengen zone, and you’ll be able to take a plane from Brussels Airport. How to travel in corona times? On this page you will find an answer to the most frequently asked questions.

Just like in any other public areas, it’s very important to strictly respect all hygiene and safety regulations at the airport:

  • First and foremost, strictly apply all hygiene measures and keep a distance of 1.5 metres between people.
  • Wearing a face mask is mandatory at the airport from the age of 6.
  • Before entering the airport building your temperature will be measured by thermal cameras. Be aware that access can be denied when your temperature is exceeding 38° degrees.
  • Come to the airport well ahead of your departure time: for travel in the Schengen zone 2h30 in advance, for travel outside the Schengen zone 3h30 in advance. Travelling outside Schengen is only possible for essential travels for the moment.

Brussels Airport has taken a lot of measures to guarantee the health of staff and passengers: adapted queues, stickers with precautions and where you can and cannot sit, plexiglass at the counters, presence of hand dispensers, extra cleanings, the implementation of UV-technology, and adding of a special coating on frequently used surfaces, etc.

Passing through the airport soon? We ask each passenger for his or her cooperation to respect the social distance in order to protect himself/herself and others.

As an airport, we closely monitor the situation in collaboration with the Belgian Health Authorities and are ready to immediately implement any additional measures if necessary.

Frequently asked questions

The Belgian government decided we can travel again as of 15 June. The airport is open and travelling in Europe/the Schengen zone will be possible from Brussels Airport as of 15 June.

Consult the FPS Foreign Affairs website and/or the IATA website for the most recent travel advice. You can find the advice by country on their pages.

The status of all flights for the next four days can be found here: departures, arrivals. For a flight on a later date, we advise you to contact your airline. Here you can find a contact list with details of all airlines.

Update 02/06/2020

Airlines that operate a limited number of scheduled flights until 14 June

  • Aegean Airlines (Athens)
  • Air Canada (Montreal)
  • Alitalia (Rome)
  • Bulgaria Air (Sofia)
  • Etihad Airways (Abu Dhabi)
  • Finnair (Helsinki)
  • Hainan Airlines (Beijing)
  • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (Amsterdam)
  • Lufthansa (Frankfurt, Munich)
  • Qatar Airways (Doha)
  • Ryanair (Dublin)
  • Swiss (Zurich)
  • Wizz Air (Budapest)

Excludes charter flights to repatriate passengers.

Only passengers and airport staff can enter the airport building.

You come to drop someone off? We advise to make use of the dedicated drop-off zone.

You come to pick someone up? Wait for him or her in your car in the car park, or, if this person needs assistance, outside the airport at the exit of the arrivals hall. Waiting for someone inside the airport is not allowed. Please respect the containment measures and keep a social distance of 1.5 metres.

Whoever picks someone up will have to respect a home quarantine of 14 days, like the passenger him/herself. In a home quarantine you are not allowed to go outside or to go to work, but working at home is possible. More information:

Whoever arrives in our country is asked by the government to respect a home quarantine of 14 days. This also applies to anyone who comes to pick up someone. More information:

When during a flight, a passenger on board shows symptoms of the Coronavirus infection and/or is suspected to be infected with the Coronavirus, the airport crew immediately notify the airport. On arrival of the aircraft, a medical team stands ready to examine the (possibly) infected passenger(s) and, if necessary, refer them through to their GP or the nearest hospital.

In case of a (suspected) infection on board, all passengers as well as the crew on board fill in a passenger location card, allowing the authorities to inform the passengers if necessary. Any members of staff concerned will also be informed.

Passengers who are found to have symptoms prior to their departure are denied boarding and have to be looked after first in the country they’re staying in at that moment.

The shops and restaurants at the airport are closed, but there are 2 take-away shops open so you can still buy drinks or something to eat (1 in the departures hall and 1 in pier B - pier A remains closed and is not operational for the time being).

No, all lounges at Brussels Airport are currently closed.

Yes, public transport continues to run to and from the airport. On the train/tram/bus you are obligated to wear a face mask.

Consult the FAQ of the FPS Public Health website for more information.

Do you have a question about your flight or the measures on the plane? Contact your airline.

Do you have a question about measures taken against the Coronavirus in Belgium? Call +32 800 146 89.

The Foreign Affairs Crisis Center can be reached by phone on +32 250 140 00 from 9.00am to 8.00pm. We emphasize that this number is strictly reserved for emergency situations abroad.

Do you have a question on the economic impact? Call +32 800 120 33.

Do you have another question for Brussels Airport? Call 0900 700 00 (BE) or +32 2 753 77 53 (International number).