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Spirits & Wines, Chocolates & Sweets, Delicacies, Tobacco

Discover a vast selection of spirits at advantageous prices in terms of volume (1L instead of 0,75L) and wide array of wines with our monthly “Wine of the Month” and great selection of the best of Belgian beers.

Come and discover our lovely delicacies and great gift ideas, including traditionally smoked Scottish salmon, great assortment of cheeses as well as duck and goose foie gras prepared following tradition. Browse through the delicacies alley and find extraordinary flavoured oils, world-renowned Belgian chocolates and a selection of rare teas and coffees from around the globe. Push the door and welcome to the pleasure trove.



  • Belgian beers
  • Champagnes
  • Spirits (brandy, gin, liqueurs, rum, vodka, whisky and others)
  • Wines (discover the “Wine of the Month offer: buy 2 bottles get 1 free”)


  • Cheeses (Belgian selection, Beynenaer, Wijngaard, …)
  • Chocolate (Neuhaus, Godiva, Corné Port-Royal, …)
  • Smoked salmon (Vendsyssel, Steur, …)
  • Spices (Fauchon, Collitali, Montosco)
  • Teas & Coffees  (Godiva, Rombouts, Damann, Davidoff, Taylor’s, Corsini, Whittard, George Cannon, …)


+32 2 753 27 51

Opening hours

4.30 am - 9.00 pm

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