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Sarah Pacini

It is a beautiful story…

20 years in the making, Sarah Pacini, with its unique voice, has breathed design, grace elegance into the world of women’s fashion.

The beginning was Belgium, however, other countries were quick to fall under the brand’s spell. Sarah Pacini’s presence at major international trade and fashion events since 1998, paved the way to cross many frontiers, leaving in its wake the true essence of the label.

A new chapter is written in 2002, steering the brand to a new avenue. Sarah Pacini encounters innovative horizons and takes on additional challenges under the vision and direction of Naila Jaffer and her international team of designers.

This new team shifts to an environment of innovative ideas where novelty, quality and tradition converge. Thus, the “Made in Italy” brand continues to turn pages of this journey, with an undertaking of many more chapters to come…

Sarah Pacini is a complete collection: a unique blend of knitwear, prêt-à porter and accessories. It is an evolving ode to feminity, body and soul. The style and Philosophy of the brand appeal to modern women who appreciate fashion beyond the usual and who dare express themselves with substance and audacity.

Individual pieces of the collection worn separately, or in “total look”, provide clean and precise lines open to the imagination and individuality.  Discover the world of Sarah Pacini by visiting one of its 60 exclusive boutiques- each one an homage to the brand’s philosophy; a haven of minimalism, harmony and creativity.

Sarah Pacini: more than just clothes, a way of life, a way of expression.


Opening hours
6 am - 9 pm 

Tel. +32 (0)2 753 29 29




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