Internet & Telephony


Wireless access is available throughout the airport.

Ready-for-use PCs are available at rent2connect.

telenet_internetpointOr you can use one of the pc's of the 5 Telenet communication centers which you will find:

- in pier A: near gates A55-A57
- in Topaz: on the 1st floor
- in pier B: near gates B25-B27
- in zone T: near gates A/T68 and A/T70




Unlimited free Wi-Fi for all

unlimitedwifiUnlimited free access to the internet is available for all. Sign up using your Facebook or Google+ account or fill in your data.

Telenet, Boingo and iPass customers can use their normal log-in details. 

Information about arriving and departing flights, car parks and shops at Brussels Airport can be consulted at all times without registering.

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Brussels Airport app

Download the Brussels Airport app for real-time information on your flight, waiting times at security, gate changes and much more.


Mobile phones

Mobile phones can be rented or purchased from rent2connect in the Arrivals Hall, for use within or outside Belgium.

Book your mobile phone 24/7:
Telephone + 32 2 652 14 14
Fax + 32 2 652 11 42