Retrieving baggage and personal items left at the airport on 22 March

Baggage left on the departures level

Baggage left in the passenger terminal (with the exception of the departures level

  • All submitted requests are processed by Lost & Found Brussels Airport. Passengers will be informed whether or not their baggage/item was found. The Lost & Found service is working on it every day.
  • If you did not yet register your items: > Fill in the Lost & Found form


Checked-in baggage/items left in the aircraft

If you did not yet register your baggage/items, please contact your handler:

> Which airlines are handled by Swissport and which airlines are handled by Aviapartner?

Luggage left in the lockers

Luggage that was left in the lockers is available as of Tuesday 12 April.
Please send a mail to mentioning:

  • your address and contact details
  • the number of the locker
  • description of the items left in the locker
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