Packing Your Bags

Hold baggage

Your airline limits the amount of baggage you may take (number of suitcases, weight and dimensions). Check your ticket or ask your travel agent or airline.

If you exceed these limits, extra charges may be applied. It might be worthwhile to forward extra large or heavy parcels as air cargo. Check with your airline.

It is strictly forbidden to carry the following products or objects in your hold baggage:

  • gases, including carbon dioxide cartridges of more than 28g (=50ml). The number of CO2 cartridges is limited to 4 cartridges of maximum 28g per person. However, you need the prior approval of the flight operator.
  • explosives and highly inflammable substances (percussion caps,...)
  • Chemical and toxic substances, acids, corrosives and bleaching agents
  • oxidisers and organic peroxides
  • infectuous or biological hazardous material
  • radioactive or corrosive substances

Maximum weight allowance

Generally the weight allowance varies between 20 and 30 kg.
Please note that one single piece of baggage may never weigh more than 32kg.

Hand  baggage

Only one piece of hand baggage may be taken into the cabin, which must fit into the overhead baggage compartment and may therefore not be larger than 55 x 40 x 20 cm.  Do not forget to count the wheels and handle.
In addition, you may usually take a handbag.

Preferably keep valuables (money, jewellery) and important objects (documents, medicines) in your hand baggage rather than in your hold baggage.

Passengers with reduced mobility may also bring a wheelchair (entirely foldable) or a pair of crutches into the cabin. Passengers accompanied by small children may bring a foldable pushchair.

It is strictly forbidden to carry any of the following products or objects in your hand baggage:  

  • Firearms and shooting arms (pistols, revolvers, rifles, replica arms,...)
  • Pointed and/or sharp objects (scissors,axes, hatchets, arrows,...)
  • Blunt objects (golf clubs, baseball bats, knuckle-dusters,...)

Moreover the quantity of liquids and gels in your hand baggage is strictly limited.
Check the section Bags & Security for more details.


For security reasons and in case of loss, make sure each bag is labelled on the outside with your name, if nothing else. Put your name and address on the inside of each bag as an extra precaution.

Fragile items

Make sure such items are securely wrapped. Wrap any bottles containing liquids in separate, sealed plastic bags, so that the contents cannot spill over your other belongings should the glass break.

Got everything?