Check In

Where to check in?

Brussels Airport has only one terminal. This is where you will find departure halls 1 and 2 and all check-in facilities. Departures hall 1 has 10 check-in rows (numbers 1-10), departures hall 2 has three (numbers 11, 12 and 14).

Your air ticket mentions the flight number, time of departure and the destination. You will find the same details on the flight information screens in the departures halls, which will also display the check-in row for your flight.

At the check-in desk you hand over your luggage and receive your boarding pass.

Passengers who wish to avoid the queues in the departures hall, can for most scheduled flights check in online or make use of one of the self check-in kiosks provided in the departures hall. If you travel with hand luggage only, you can immediately proceed to your gate. If you’re travelling with registered baggage, you can drop it off at your airline’s baggage drop-off point.

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