TAX refund

If you are not a European resident and you are visiting Belgium from outside the EU, you may be entitled to claim back part of the sales tax on the goods you purchased in the EU before you leave the EU.

Key elements in order to qualify for TAX Refund:

  • Only non EU residents can apply for TAX Refund
  • You can only claim a TAX Refund on products that are being exported from the EU
  • To claim a TAX Refund you must have spent at least €50 in each store (per TAX Refund form). You can add several receipts of the same month and the same store on 1 Refund form, but the sum of the receipts should have a total purchase amount of minimum €50. This applies to Belgium only.
  • Ensure the retailer has provided you with a TAX Refund form. When shopping retailers will ask you for your passport in order to provide you with a TAX Refund form
  • Ensure that your TAX Refund form is completed in full before leaving the retailer and the shop receipt is attached to the form.
  • You have 3 months from date of purchase to present your goods, TAX Refund form and receipts to the Customs office at Brussels airport.


How to apply for a TAX refund

Gather all your shop receipts and TAX Refund forms of goods purchased in the EU.

Before leaving the EU, visit Customs to have your receipts validated (stamped). Be sure to have your goods with you.

Visit our airport partner Travelex to reimburse your TAX, if applicable. As an alternative you can send your stamped TAX Refund forms to the supplier mentioning your credit card number. This allows you to be refunded on your credit card if applicable.