Airport configuration

Brussels Airport is situated to the northeast of Brussels. The airport premises cover 1,245 ha and are located on the territory of the municipalities of Machelen, Steenokkerzeel, Zaventem and Kortenberg.

Brussels Airport has 2 parallel runways and one cross runway that together form a Z shape.

07L/25R (3,638 m)
07R/25L (3,211 m)
01/19 (2,984 m)

Runway numbers

Each of these runways can be used in both directions. Depending on the direction, one of the two complementary names is used.
The figures correspond to the angle that is formed between the magnetic north and the centreline bearing divided by 10. Letters are added in case two or more runway run parallel to each other. 'L' indicates the left runway when one is looking in the flight direction, 'R' indicates the right runway.


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