Belgium and Brussels Airport selected to participate in US Preclearance program

May 29, 2015

Brussels Airport has been selected by the United States to enter into the first stage of operational negotiations to implement the US immigration inspection program at Brussels Airport for US-bound passengers.

It should be possible to carry out US immigration inspections at Brussels Airport in 2 to 3 years’ time, once the negotiations between the different authorities have been finalised. Border preclearance at our airport will facilitate the immigration procedure for travellers to the United States. This announcement by the American authorities is a recognition of the quality of the infrastructure at Brussels Airport and of the high level of security of our operations”, Arnaud Feist, CEO of Brussels Airport, explains.

In November 2014 the US Department of Homeland Security announced plans to expand its Preclearance program at foreign airports. This implies that passengers can undertake all US immigration and customs inspections at the airport of departure. Currently, this procedure applies in Ireland in Europe, on Aruba, Bermuda and the Bahamas, in Canada and in the United Arab Emirates.

After a thorough investigation, the United States announced that Belgium is one of 7 European countries that are selected to enter into negotiations with the purpose of carrying out immigration inspections for US-bound passengers at their airports. 

Brussels Airport was informed today about its being one of 10 new airports where these immigration inspections could be carried out.

That Brussels Airport is allowed to participate in the negotiations shows the important position of Brussels Airport in international aviation.

In the following months Brussels Airport will examine the feasibility of carrying out the program. This implies, among other things, an adequate infrastructure with a focus on process optimisation, and improvements to the facilities to provide optimal comfort to passengers travelling to the United States.

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