Power shortages and blackouts: Brussels Airport is armed and ready

October 31, 2014

Pursuant to a Ministerial Order published in 2005, Brussels Airport is considered a priority customer, which means the airport is not included in Elia's selective power cut plan. Faced with a 'power shortage' or a 'blackout', the airport is fully prepared to deal with either eventuality. All of the airport's on-site partners who are connected to the Brussels Airport grid will also benefit from the guaranteed electricity supply.

Guaranteed power supply for Brussels Airport
Over the last few months, Brussels Airport has been involved in the discussions and preparations of the selective power cut plan headed up by the Province of Flemish Brabant where the airport is located. Brussels Airport will not be affected or hit by the power shortage or by the current selective power cut plan. As a priority customer, Brussels Airport benefits from a direct, guaranteed power supply, irrespective of whether or not the selective power cut plan is activated by the authorities. Partner companies that are connected to the grid operated by DNB BA*, the distribution network operator of Brussels Airport, and that are active on the Brussels Airport site, will also benefit from this privilege.

The bulk of the operations at the airport will not be impacted and will continue to go ahead safely. The airport's railway station will also be supplied with power by Brussels Airport and will remain fully operational. Belgocontrol, the Belgian air traffic control agency, will also be able to operate normally as the Belgocontrol site, which is located on the territory of the municipality of Steenokkerzeel, has not been included in the municipality's selective power cut plan.

Indirect effects of power shortage for Brussels Airport
It is not inconceivable for the effects of a power shortage or the activation of a selective power cut plan outside of the airport, to make themselves felt at Brussels Airport. Road traffic (busy roads, congestion, etc.) and public transport to and from the airport (e.g. specific train connections that will not be operational) in particular may be affected. Brussels Airport will keep its customers fully up to date of the current situation on an ongoing basis.

Unexpected power blackout
These past few years, Brussels Airport has made considerable investments to boost the capacity of its emergency generators which are to take over in case of a blackout. Due to these investments critical airport installations can stay operational for 24 hours (against 12 hours before). This will enable us to keep the critical operational processes up and running for several hours and to stop operations in a controlled way if the blackout persists.

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