Additional anti-Ebola measures at Brussels Airport

October 19, 2014

Brussels Airport welcomes the additional measures announced today by the Federal Public Health service to prevent the spread of Ebola. All passengers arriving at the airport from one of the Ebola-afflicted countries will be screened for fever.  On Friday a specialised firm was hired that together with the experts of the Federal Public Health service (Saniport) will screen all baggage from Ebola risk countries for any leaking fluids. In addition, a communication platform was set up to share the available information with all parties in a consistent and transparent way.

These screenings for fever will improve the control and increase the sense of security among the staff and passengers at Brussels Airport. “Brussels Airport fully supports the measures imposed by the Federal Public Health service. These new measures enable us to respond even faster to any changing circumstances and to deal with the problem in a consistent way throughout the whole chain at the airport and with other parties concerned”, Arnaud Feist, CEO of Brussels Airport Company said Sunday during a press conference about the preventive measures adopted at Brussels Airport.

Brussels Airport formally states that it is essential for all parties and passengers at the airport that the activities at Brussels Airport can be carried out in complete safety, so that airport staff feel safe to carry out their jobs and passengers can board their flight without having to worry.

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