Exceptionally busy start of the summer holidays: tips for a carefree departure

June 24, 2014

The summer rush at Brussels Airport starts on Thursday 26 June. For Brussels Airport, the next few weeks will be the busiest of the year. On peak days, the airport operator expects over 42,000 departing passengers, a record-breaking summer compared to previous years. Friday 27 June will be the absolute peak day with nearly 44,000 departing passengers.
Brussels Airport has sufficient capacity and is well prepared to handle such large numbers of passengers due to extra efforts on the most crucial points in the departure process.
The airport operator provides its passengers with a few golden tips for a smooth departure.

An overview of the number of departing passengers for the upcoming days:

Thursday 26 June      39,000 
Friday 27 June       44,000
Saturday 28 June      36,500
Sunday 29 June      42,000
Monday 30 June     42,000
Tuesday 1 July          39,000
Wednesday 2 July     39,500 
Thursday 3 July        39,000
Friday 4 July          43,500

Brussels Airport provides its passengers with 5 tips for a smooth departure.

  1. Access roads and public transport
    On very busy departure days traffic on the access roads to the airport may be very dense. Traffic jams are not excluded.
    Leave for the airport well ahead of your departure time and use public transport if possible!

  2. Kiss & Fly
    In the passenger drop-off area in front of the terminal building cars and departing passengers are coming and going. Please note that parking is not allowed in this area. Cars may only hold there for the time necessary for passengers to step out and take their luggage from the booth. 

  3. Parking
    Passengers who drive to the airport themselves are recommended to book a parking space in advance. www.brusselsairport.be/nl/passngr/parking  

  4. Check-in process
    Online check-in will save passengers quite some time. They can do so as of 24 hours prior to their flight or according to the possibilities provided by the airline. Hold baggage can be dropped off at the baggage drop-off desk of their airline.
    Passengers should also make sure they have their identity card or passport with them. Please remember that children below the age of 12 also need a kids ID or passport to be allowed to travel by plane!

  5. Security screening
    Do not carry any items in your hand baggage that can be used as a weapon (e.g. knives, scissors, …) and put liquids and gels in your check-in baggage. Any liquids and geld you do carry in your hand luggage have to be packed in containers with a capacity of maximum 100 ml and shall be presented for screening in a resealable, transparent plastic with a capacity of maximum 1 litre.
    Exception: baby-food and liquid medicine (a certificate from your doctor is required!)

    Laptops and tablets have to be taken out of their travel cases. Coins, keys, wallets, mobile phones, watches and belts should be placed separately in a plastic tray.
    A limited number of items in your hand luggage will help you get through security quicker with less stress.

Brussels Airport too is taking measures to handle the summer rush as efficiently as possible. In the departures hall airport crew are present to give directions and assistance to passengers. In the passenger drop-off area on the departures level traffic stewards will help the federal police to organise the traffic flow and at the security screening points animated movies and members of staff help passengers prepare for a smooth passage through screening.

During the whole summer, passengers can check on Brussels Airport's website and social media channels which days are exceptionally busy. The colours used range from green (normal situation) to orange, red and dark red (extremely busy).

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