Brussels Airport opts for Newrest-Servair joint venture for catering transport

June 5, 2014

Brussels Airport has completed its selection procedure to award the second licence for catering transport. The Newrest-Servair joint venture meets the set criteria and will be granted a licence to operate on the airport tarmac.

The selection procedure was started at the end of 2013 as a consequence of the takeover of Gate Gourmet Belgium by LSG Sky Chefs Belgium. This meant that only one handler was active in catering transport at the airport, and so there was a legal obligation to appoint a second supplier of this service.

The Newrest-Servair joint venture meets the strict requirements and selection criteria for obtaining a licence. This relates to, among other things, knowledge of the procedures for catering transport and risk management during the performance of this activity on the airport site.
Brussels Airport analysed various operational and logistical elements proposed by the joint venture, which will optimise the transport and increase levels of efficiency and safety. Account was also taken of the impact on the environment, as applies to every partnership that Brussels Airport enters into.

The Newrest-Servair joint venture will start its operations at Brussels Airport as soon as possible.

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