Arrivals curb at Brussels Airport: changed traffic situation

January 6, 2012

As from January 2012 the arrivals curb will be reorganised and renovated in different stages to benefit passenger safety and comfort. To ensure a smooth traffic flow and guarantee the various functions of the curb during the works, the renovation will be spread over the next few years.

The first stage starts on 9 January 2012: the passenger pick-up spaces will be eliminated and replaced by a waiting area for arriving passengers from which they can be easily picked up. This change aims to improve the safety of the passengers and the people coming to pick them up as well as an improved vehicle flow. The new traffic situation will be closely monitored by the federal police with extra police agents and additional on-site cameras.

Those who still wish to park their car can use one of the car parks in front of the terminal. Vans and other vehicles with a height of 2.10m or more can park at the coach park.

The renovation work will improve traffic safety as well as the sense of security passengers experience in this covered area. The next stages of the renovation include a thorough renovation of the technical infrastructure, improved lighting and reduced carbon emissions. In time, Brussels Airport intends to make the arrivals curb a low-traffic or even no-traffic area as is already the case at many large airports around the globe.

The traffic situation on the departures curb remains unchanged.

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