Brussels Airport: runway works in August

June 7, 2012

This summer works will be carried out on runway 07L-25R. These works, which are essential for the safety of air traffic, are compulsory under the international rules Brussels Airport has to comply with. Works are scheduled to start on the 1st of August and will take about two weeks.

Besides the recurrent maintenance works, the shoulders of runway 07L/25R will be thoroughly renovated. The shoulders are the additional paved areas along runways and taxiways provided for the protection of the aircraft and its engines.  The top layer of the shoulders will be removed and replaced. At the same time works will be carried out to the intersection of this runway with two much used taxiways. Finally the runway lighting will be replaced. All these works are carried out simultaneously to limit the duration of the works as much as possible.

During the works the runway will be closed to air traffic. As Brussels Airport has three runways, there are alternatives to reduce the impact on the availability of the airport during this period. Provided the works are planned well and the weather conditions allow for them, the airport is confident that the runway works will not lead to major air traffic delays.

Brussels Airport does its utmost to limit the duration of large-scale works as much as possible. However, the works have to be carried out when the subsoil is dry, precipitation is low and there is a maximum of natural daylight. In our climate the month of August provides the most favourable working conditions.

The impact of the planned works on the runway use will not last the whole month. Works are scheduled to be completed in two weeks, provided the weather conditions are favourable. However, the date of completion of the works may vary if the weather conditions are poor or unexpected complications pop up during the works.  Details on the progress of the works will be available on this website.

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