Brussels Airport Aviation Awards

April 27, 2012

The Brussels Airport Aviation Awards were granted for the first time in 2007 to airlines and partners for outstanding performance in the fields of punctuality and efficiency, environment and safety, and network and route development.
During the fifth edition of this event on Thursday 26 April 2012, the awards for the year 2011 were awarded.  

Punctuality and efficiency

For passenger airlines, the criterion for punctuality is the best on-time performance for arrivals and departures at Brussels Airport, that is to say an arrival or departure time within 15 minutes of the scheduled time.
For freight airlines, the criterion for efficiency is the loading/unloading of the largest quantity of freight on the ground within the shortest amount of time.

Punctuality Award Regional Airline
KLM Cityhopper operates five daily flights to Amsterdam. In 2011, KLM Cityhopper achieved a punctuality rate of 94.3%.

Punctuality Award Short Haul Airline
SAS operates five daily flights to Copenhagen, three daily flights to Stockholm and two daily flights to Oslo. In 2011, SAS recorded a punctuality rate of 91.4%

Punctuality Award Long Haul Airline
Hainan Airlines currently operates a five weekly service to Beijing, which is to become a daily service as of 1 July. In 2011, Hainan Airlines recorded a punctuality rate of 93.4%

Efficiency Award Cargo
Asiana Cargo operates four flights a week using a Boeing 747-400F.
In 2011, Asiana Cargo succeeded in loading or unloading 0.91 ton of cargo per minute.

Environment and safety

The  environmental and the safety award are granted for outstanding achievement in 2011 with regard to reducing aircraft nuisance and for contributing to the continuous improvement of safety standards and awareness.

Environmental Award
Singapore Airlines Cargo, for carrying out their flights with the most modern B747-400F aircraft. Moreover, their cargo flights are scheduled during the day, which significantly contributes to reducing noise nuisance for the neighbouring residents at night.

Safety Award
Brussels Airlines, and more particularly their Flight Safety Office, for their constructive cooperation (identification of hazards, reporting of incidents, proposals for improving safety) and for the continuous improvement of runway safety.

Network and route development

The network development awards are granted to airlines that have distinguished themselves by opening new routes or by the growth in the number of passenger or the volume of cargo carried.  

Network Development Award Short Haul Airline
Brussels Airlines, who saw their passenger numbers on the European destinations from Brussels Airport grow by 800,000 passengers.

Network Development Award Long Haul Airline
Thai Airways International, for launching a three weekly service to Bangkok, using a Boeing 777 seating 292 passengers per flight.

Network Development Award Cargo Airline
Korean Air Cargo, for increasing their frequency from 3 to 7 cargo flight a week in 2011 making Brucargo one of Korean’s major hub in Europe.

Diamond Award

The Diamond Award was granted for the very first time in 2010 to a company or person who distinguished themselves in the Belgian aviation industry. This award was given only once: to Brussels Airlines for the year 2009.

For the year 2011 the Diamond Award goes to Jean Claude Delen, CEO Benelux & France at DHL and Managing Director of DHL Global Fowarding.
Jean Claude Delen has played a leading part in the growth of DHL’s Benelux hub at Brucargo.  He undertook many initiatives to further improve the quality of cargo handling services at Brucargo and, as former chairman of FIATA, succeeded in putting the cargo industry in Belgium and at Brussels Airport firmly on the map.  

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