Brussels Airport launches BRUXX: online travel platform for the young

June 7, 2011

Brussels Airport today unveiled a unique project developed to fit the needs of young travellers who wish to discover Europe. BRUXX, the online travel platform for generation Y, is built around a web-based tool which makes finding the best flight deals from Brussels Airport a piece of cake.  The platform will show you the cheapest travel destinations at a given moment in one glance or will indicate the cheapest travel period for a specific destination. The search tool allows young people – who can easily change their travel plans depending on the offer – to fly to any corner in Europe at the best fare.
The tool will search through the existing airfares on existing flights operated by nine different airlines from Brussels Airport and will give a practical overview.
To actually book tickets, the user will be redirected to the airline in question.

Nine airlines operating from Brussels Airport partipate in BRUXX. All low-fare flights (usually less than €100 for a round trip) by Air Arabia, Air Baltic, Aer Lingus, Blue Air, Brussels Airlines, easyJet, Jetairfly, Thomas Cook Airlines and Vueling are grouped on the new site.

BRUXX is much more than a booking system for the young: the platform is closely intertwined with Facebook, Twitter and other tools allowing users to share their travel experiences, pictures and tips. Young people who register as user benefit from lots of other advantages. On Fridays and Saturdays (the busiest departure days for young leisure travellers) they can make use of Exxit, a dedicated youth space at Brussels Airport with free wifi, game consoles, digital television, iMacs and fatboys to chill in. At the airport they also enjoy special advantages at several outlets including Starbucks and Pizza Hut. A whole series of campaigns, promotions and additional advantages are planned during the summer months.

With this unique and innovative concept the airport meets the demand of the market. The younger generation of 18 to 34 year olds operates in a totally different way. They grew up with the internet, which is their first source of information. In their social lives too internet and the social media play a key part. As for travelling, they are very much into budget-friendly and fun experiences. They are very flexible and are not stuck to 1 destination or a specific period.They often travel with a group of friends and think about their destination in rather general terms (I’m looking for a nice destination for a beach holiday, mountain trip, citytrip, adventure…). Bruxx meets their taste for adventure by helping them discover the rest of Europe and totally fits in with their fast and exciting way of life.

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