Brussels Airport ready for the new 747-8F

March 1, 2011

Brussels Airport, March 1st, 2011 - Brussels Airport was officially certified as a Boeing 747-8F compatible airport by the Directoraat-Generaal Luchtvaart, the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority.

For many decades the 747 full-freighter has been the most widely used cargo aircraft for intercontinental traffic. At Brussels Airport too, many cargo airlines use this type of aircraft. The 747-8F is the latest version of this cargo plane. The first plane of this type rolled off the production line only last year. The design of the new plane is based on the state-of-the-art technology developed for the Boeing 787.

With a length of 76.3 meters, the new Boeing 747-8F is 5.6 meters longer than its predecessors in the 747 family. Its wingspan of 68.4 meters exceeds the 747-400's by 4 meter. Since last week Brussels Airport is officially certified as "747-8F ready".

Despite the impressive payload of 140 metric tonnes (154 tonnes) fuel consumption is cut by 16% making the aircraft eco-friendlier. The use of new generation engines and materials and the improved design also make this new Jumbo quieter than its predecessors.

Currently the new Boeing full-freighter is going through an elaborate test program. The first commercial delivery of the plane is expected by the end of the year. As a few of Brussels Airport's major cargo customers, Korean Air Lines (South Korea) and Cathay Pacific (Hong Kong), are among the first to be adding the 747-8 to their fleet, Brussels Airport will probably be one of the first in the world where the new cargo jumbo is to be spotted on a regular basis.

Other new generation full-freighters too are finding their way to Brussels Airport. At the end of 2010 Aerologic started operating flights using a Boeing 777F and Hong Kong Airlines announced its intention to start operations to Brussels later this year using an Airbus 330F.  These planes too achieve better fuel economy, are quieter and provide better performance than their predecessors

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