Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I take my cat, dog or other pet as hold baggage ?  

Most airlines will accept to carry a dog or cat in the hold. However, this depends on the aircraft type, the airline and the destination. And also on what other cargo is carried on board.
Here too you are advised to check with your airline before coming to the airport.

If you wish to take your pet, you need to buy a special air travel cage. These exist in several sizes and can be purchased from the pet shop in your neighbourhood.

Always contact your vet for additional advice on food and care during the flight.

Please not that some countries do not allow pets to enter the country. Sometimes this is entirely forbidden, sometimes the pets are quarantined and sometimes you have to be able to present a certificate stating that the pet was given certain vaccinations. Please check all details before starting on this adventure. The embassy of the country of destination is best placed to inform you about this.
One reassurance: your pet will be safe in the baggage hold and this hold is heated.