Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the maximum baggage allowance?

This varies greatly and depends on the airline, the class in which you travel and the destination. Taking more weight than you are allowed to according to your ticket is often possible on payment of excess baggage charges.

The baggage allowance is usually mentioned on the air ticket. In case of doubt, check your airline's website.

Some airlines may not charge for a small overweight on calm moments, but if the flight is fully booked the weight limits are strictly applied.

Often you can take more than the allowance mentioned on the ticket against payment of an excess baggage charge. Some airlines will allow you to pay the overweight fee when checking in, while others demand that you reserve and pay for overweight baggage in advance. Travellers are advised to check baggage allowances with their airline when booking to avoid confusion or complications at check-in.

Regardless of your baggage allowance, please note that any individual piece of baggage may never weigh more than 32kg. This measure was imposed to avoid back injuries among the airport staff who often handle hundreds of pieces of baggage per day. Any pieces of baggage weighing over 32kg will be refused.