Brussels Airport wins World Air Cargo Award for second year running

May 7, 2015

Brussels Airport has taken home the World Air Cargo Award for Best Airport, the most prestigious award in the aviation industry, for the second consecutive year. Brussels Airport was singled out for praise on account of the strong development of its Brucargo cargo division, the excellent quality of service it delivers to its partners and companies and its efficient organisation.

The air freight operations at Brucargo are an important part of Brussels Airport. Each year, Brussels Airport, the air freight companies and the logistics partners invest tens of millions of euros to develop new operations and create jobs.

These ongoing investments were internationally recognised for the second year running with the World Cargo Award for Best Airport. "It is a tremendous honour to be given this, the most prestigious award in the international aviation industry, two times running. The award recognises the effort put in by the thousands of people who work at Brucargo. It is also proof that our strategy to specialise and invest in the transport of temperature-sensitive goods - even in times of economic insecurity - is the right choice", Brussels Airport CEO Arnaud Feist commented.

The World Cargo Award for Best Airport rewards the most deserving airport that delivers exceptional services to businesses, partners and (air freight) companies. Points are also awarded for the airport's efficiency and the development of the airport's cargo activities. The awards are staged by Air Cargo Week, a prestigious journal dedicated to air freight transport. Anybody who works in the air freight industry can cast their vote.

Brussels Airport stands out worldwide courtesy of its specialist cargo infrastructure for the transport and handling of goods that require uninterrupted cold chain logistics and of pharmaceutical and biotechnological products in particular. Brussels Airport was the first airport in the world to see its cargo community members awarded the CEIV Pharma certificate by IATA on the merit of their joint approach.

Brussels Airport has also invested in a community platform at Brucargo, an open cloud-based system that enables companies operating at Brucargo to exchange data and work together more efficiently. All imaginable IT systems can be connected to the cloud, allowing companies to continue to run their own applications and dedicated software.

Last year saw Brussels Airport transport 454,000 tonnes of freight by air and 272,000 tonnes by road. Brucargo is home to 16 cargo companies, which together serve 62 destinations across the globe. Around 4,500 people work at Brucargo, Brussels Airport's cargo area.

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