Brussels Airport plunges students of Thomas More into air freight

June 24, 2015

A successful collaboration between academia and business with a revised Logistics Management training course

Brussels Airport Company and Thomas More University College are joining forces in order to expand the Logistics Management training course to cover the subject of air freight. Through such things as practical assignments and trainee placements at Brucargo (the freight department of Brussels Airport), students will gain understanding of the logistical processes in and around the airport. Thomas More is aiming to increase its response to the present and future needs of the industry and the operational field.

Brussels Airport Company and Thomas More have signed a cooperation agreement under which the Logistics Management training course will be further developed. Brussels Airport Company is committed to working on the realisation of innovative and practice-oriented learning environments related to air transport, both for students and for teachers.

Together with various partners at Brucargo, Brussels Airport Company will work jointly on the development of an air-transport curriculum. Brucargo will also provide practice-oriented assignments for students and assist the students with these. Students will have the opportunity to visit companies or take up internships at Brucargo in the context of their training. The cooperation came about partly thanks to the efforts of David Bellon, himself an ex-student of the school and who today holds an important position with one of the major companies at Brucargo.

Air freight is an exciting sector in motion, but perhaps not one that is familiar to students. Through this cooperation, we are aiming to transfer knowledge of the sector to the students and also immerse them in the practice, in the hope that some of them will work in this field. Brussels Airport is experiencing significant increases in freight volumes, so that more and more jobs are coming to Brucargo”, says Steven Polmans, head of cargo at Brussels Airport Company.

"With our course in Logistics Management, we intend to offer innovative professional training that meets the present and future requirements of the sector”, says Geert Strobbe, unit manager of business courses at Thomas More University College. "To that end, we are forming partnerships with leading companies in the sector. Brussels Airport is an important partner for us. Via the Cargo Training Centre (CTC) they will provide guest tutors, they will train our own tutors and will supply interesting course and training material. Our students will be highly sought after by the airport companies and be able to start work in and around the airport immediately upon graduating with an IATA-DGR certificate. A definite win/win situation for all concerned."

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