100' Cargo Airport Committee

The 100 minutes Cargo Airport Committee is an important forum where the different operators that are active in the cargo industry can exchange opinions and views in the areas of:

- Customs
- Security
- Infrastructure
- Traffic


General principles

  • The members of the committee are representatives of the major trade associations or government bodies involved in air cargo logistics.
  • Meetings are organised 10 times a year and are attended by maximum 3 designated representatives of each group.

The committee is currently omposed of representatives of the following groups:

  • BAFI
  • BCA
  • CCAB
  • Douane
  • FASFC (Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain) 
  • OTM
  • Brussels Airport

In addition to the regular meetings, separate meetings can be organised on specific issues.

If necessary more technical details of proposals and/or problems can be treated in working groups by experts in the field that are designated by the different stakeholders.