Automated border control at Brussels Airport

July 10, 2015

egatesToday saw the opening of 6 automated border control gates at Brussels Airport in the presence of Interior and Security Minister Jan Jambon and State Secretary for Asylum and Migration Theo Francken and the press. 

Due to these e-gates EU citizens who arrive from a non-Schengen country (e.g. from Morocco or the USA) can go through border control more swiftly.

How does it work? 
The passenger walks through the entrance gate and inserts their identity card or passport into the slit provided for this purpose. There are two slits: European passports are to be inserted in the lower slit, Belgian identity cards in the upper slit. As it happens, the two documents use a different digital technology. 

The software verifies whether the identity document is authentic or forged. At the same time a police check of the identity of the passenger is carried out. A last check is based on face recognition whereby the photograph on the chip of the identity document is compared to a digital photo which was made at the e-gate.

If the evaluation of all three parameters is positive, the exit gates of the e-gate opens and the passenger can proceed to the baggage reclaim area. 

Because non-EU citizens are subject to different entry conditions, they cannot use the gates. But as less people will use the "traditional" border control gates, they too will benefit.

More information about the e-gates is available in the press release.

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