16 May: 10th anniversary Pier A - Firmly connected

May 14, 2012

Although Pier A seems to be standing somewhat isolated in the middle of the airport, it is firmly connected to the passenger terminal. A tunnel bridges the 200-meter distance between the terminal and the pier: moving walkways allow for rapid transit.

Still, this tunnel is about to become redundant. In two years’ time, it will be replaced by a new building that will link pier A to the terminal aboveground. As from 2014, this new building, which is currently referred to by its project name ‘Connector’, will provide a central screening platform for all passengers and their hand luggage and a large variety of shops, restaurants and cosy corners.

What most people ignore, however, is that next to the passenger tunnel to pier A, a second service tunnel was constructed. This way, hundreds of thousands of tax-free items, cartloads of bread rolls and tonnes of chocolates have their own dedicated access. A third tunnel is used by the conveyor system that transports baggage at dazzling speeds between the baggage sorting system underneath pier A to that underneath the passenger terminal.

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