16 May: 10th anniversary of pier A - Silence!

May 11, 2012

Noise has a large impact on the way we perceive things. Too much background noise causes stress and annoyance, which is exactly what we wish to spare our passengers. People who are relaxed, have better memories of their air trip and their experience at the airport. Noise is partly absorbed by the use of carpet and sound-damping materials. At Brussels Airport we apply the “silent airport” concept: we do not make public calls with general information. Only specific information or changes are communicated through the public address system. All other information is available on the flight information displays in the pier. If we do have to make a public call, we try to keep it as local as possible, i.e. near a specific gate and not all through the building. Did you know that the volume of the calls is adjusted automatically? Microphones near every gate measure the surrounding noise and adjust the volume accordingly. When the pier is very busy, the volume is increased; on calm moments the volume is turned down.

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