Are you the talent (m/f) we're looking for?

May 7, 2012

The Brussels Airport Company is looking for some 50 new collaborators. Fancy a job with a view too?  Lies, Frederik, Korijn and Piet give you a taste of their job at the airport.  

Lies Wauters, 23

Training: Industrial Engineer Electro-mechanics
Job: Junior Project Manager Baggage Handling
What does it include? I draw up scenarios and procedures, train the maintenance staff and supervise all operational and maintenance works regarding baggage sorting.
#ilovemyjob: This is not the kind of job that has you sitting in front of your PC for hours on end. More than half of the time I’m on the work floor: in the baggage hall.


Frederik Cantré, 31

: Professional Bachelor in Construction
Job: Quality Surveyor
What does it include? In short: I supervise the planning and coordination of works and inspect various parts of the infrasturcture. I also check whether the work carried out complies with the specifications.
#ilovemyjob: what I like most is the variety of my job. I get into contact with almost everyone at the airport. And sometimes you get to work at only a few meters from the aircraft.  Great, isn’t it?

Korijn Defever, 28

Training: Civil Engineer Mechanics and Master in General Management
Job: Airside Project Manager
What does it include? I’m involved in a numbre of very different projects that have an impact on airside operations. For instance, we are working on central de-icing facilities and how to organise them. When it snows, on the other hand, you won’t find me at my desk. Then I will be out on the field where as Winter Operations Team leader you will find me and my team clearing snow and ice to keep the airport operational in spite of the snow.
#ilovemyjob: In one word: this is an airport! Working here means you are part of a team that sees to it that millions of passengers get to their destination in a safe and agreeable way, today, tomorrow and in ten years’ time.


Piet Demunter, 33

: Master in Germanic Languages and Master in General Management
Job: Head of Airport Development
What does it include? First of all I direct my team. Next, there is the contact with major clients, the implementation of several large projects and the development of a company strategy, in close consultation with the management committee.
#ilovemyjob: The aviation industry always appealed to me and it is great to have the opportunity to work in such an international and dynamic environment.


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