Thai Airways opens Brussels-Bangkok route

November 17, 2011

On 17 November Thai Airways inaugurated its Brussels-Bangkok route, merely two weeks after Jetairfly opened its service to Phuket and Bangkok. Brussels had not had a direct service to Bangkok since 1993. In a first stage, Thai Airways will operate a three weekly service to the Thai capital. However, given the growth potential on this route, Brussels Airport is hopeful that the frequency will be upped to become a daily flight in time.

In his speech to the press, CEO Pivasvasti Amranand stressed that Thai Airways International is strongly focused on quality and class. The carrier ordered a whole series of factory-new aircraft including several A380. These are now being systematically integrated in the fleet. “To be better positioned to compete with carriers that transport European passengers to Asia via the Middle East, we must be prepared to abandon our focus on mega airports and concentrate more on medium-sized airports in Europe. The choice for the European capital was an important first step on this new road, but more cities are sure to follow.”

The reception too was a splendid example of Thai class. Passengers were offered a range of Thai delicacies. The reception was followed by the traditional cutting of the cake and ribbon by the CEOs of Brussels Airport and Thai Airways.
Shortly after noon the passengers, among them the finalists of the Miss Belgium contest and the Belgian ambassador in Thailand, boarded the plane. After the water salute by the airport fire service, the Boeing 777-200 took off for warmer regions.


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