Solar Impulse landed at Brussels Airport

May 17, 2011

Some refer to the first international flight of the Solar Impulse as a giant leap in the history of aviation, a milestone… In any case, for Brussels Airport the landing of the solar plane on Friday 13 May was a very special moment. After a 13-hour flight the plane appeared on the horizon shortly after 9 pm.

Slowly and noiselessly, the plane with its many lights approached in the orange glow of the setting sun: even for dyed-in-the-wool aviation people this was a goose-bump moment. The plane, piloted by André Borschberg, overflew the airport to position itself for its landing on runway 02/20 where it touched down shortly before 10 pm.
Many hundreds of spotters had gathered around the airport to photograph the event. At the airport itself over a hundred journalists and guests, including some of the airport’s Facebook friends and tweeps, had the opportunity to watch the landing from the first row.

For those who weren’t there to see it live: tens of websites cover the event with nice pictures.

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