Brussels Airport at Routes Conference in Seoul

March 29, 2011


People often ask us how we go about convincing new airlines to add Brussels Airport to their network. Today our colleagues in charge of airline marketing lift a corner of the veil: you will currently find them at the Routes Conference in Seoul.


Every year in spring, the regional Asian edition of the routes conference takes place. At this conference, airports and airlines meet each other during ‘speed date presentations’. At the start of the summer season in aviation, the Asian regional routes conference takes place in Seoul, sponsored by the “best airport in the world”, Incheon Airport. Our colleagues talked with a large number of Asian carriers. They are not ready to announce names yet, but they are working hard to open new routes to various regions in Asia. Other continents too have their regional routes conference and there’s also the annual World Routes Conference.


A fringe event of these conferences is the Airport Marketing Awards ceremony. Brussels Airport came out first on several occasions in the past few years, in both the European and the World Routes Conferences.


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