March 17, 2011

A number of travellers have contacted us with questions about the situation in Japan. The position is as follows.

Government information and recommendations about the situation in Japan can be found, inter alia, on the web sites of the Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs and the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (FANC).

Flights and tickets
- There are no direct flights between Brussels and Japan. Specific measures which have been proposed or already introduced for direct flights arriving from Japan do not, therefore, apply to Brussels Airport.
- Travellers wishing to fly to or from Japan can do so with various airlines via a stopover in Frankfurt, London and many other airports in Europe, the Middle East or Asia.
- Although some airlines have changed their route or the city of destination, many connections to Japan are still available. Anyone travelling to or from Japan can find the necessary information on the airliners web site.
- The Belgian government is currently advising against travelling to Japan.
- If you have tickets for travelling to Japan in the coming days and decide not to go ahead, or to pospone your trip to another date, you should contact your airline. Some airlines have adopted special conditions for the exchange of tickets to/from Japan.

- Travellers have been advised against travelling to Japan, but given the distance to Japan there is no reason to be concerned about travel to other destinations in Asia to which you can fly directly from Brussels Airport.
- It is not necessary to have a supply of iodine tablets with you when travelling to Asia, and it is certainly not necessary to take them.
- Anyone who has health concerns after returning from Japan should contact their GP, who can contact the Ministry of Public Health if necessary.

Belgians in Japan
- For Belgians currently in Japan who want to leave the country, the government is providing a Belgian Air Force Airbus. They are advised to adhere strictly to the recommendations of the Japanese authorities, and if necessary can contact the Belgian embassy in Tokyo.

- More info:

FPS Foreign Affairs: http://diplomatie.belgium.be/  
FPS Public Health: http://www.health.belgium.be/eportal/index.htm  
FANC: http://www.fanc.fgov.be/


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