6 tips to make sure your baggage arrives undamaged

December 29, 2011

Nothing more annoying than arriving at your destination to find that your baggage is lost or damaged. Here’s a few tips you had best bear in mind next time you pack your bags.

  1. Remove all baggage labels from previous trips, however small they are, because the baggage is sorted using the barcodes on the labels. If the wrong barcode is read the baggage sorting process is slowed down because the baggage in question has to be handled manually.
  2. Attach the baggage label in a clearly visible way to the handle of your suitcase or bag. Make sure no other object such as a nametag or scarve covers the label.
  3. A good suitcase or travel bag should be made of tear-proof materials and have a solid lock that will not open accidently.
  4. If possible, remove all straps and ribons. Bind the straps of trekking backpacks and sports bags together. Do this before you arrive at the check-in desk so as not to slow down the actual check-in process.
  5. Do not travel with items or bags that easily start rolling. That is why you should always place four-wheeled trolleys flat on the baggage belt at check-in.
  6. Don’t forget to mark any bags or suitcases with your name, address and phone number both on the inside and the outside. This way, any lost baggage can be quickly identified and returned to its owner.

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