Brussels Airport Aviation Awards

April 29, 2011

The Brussels Airport Aviation Awards were awarded for the first time in 2007 to airlines and partners for outstanding performance in the fields of punctuality and efficiency, environment and safety, and network and route development.

On Friday 29 April 2011 the Awards were awarded for 2010.



Punctuality and efficiency

For passenger airlines the criterion for punctuality is the best on-time performance for arrivals and departures at Brussels Airport, that is to say an arrival or departure time within 15 minutes of the scheduled time.

For freight airlines the criterion for efficiency is the loading/unloading of the largest quantity of freight on the ground within the shortest amount of time.



Punctuality Award Regional Airline

bmiregional has nine daily flights to East Midlands, Edinburgh, Leeds/Bradford. During 2010 bmiregional achieved a punctuality of 90%.


Punctuality Award Short Haul Airline

Estonian Air flies to Tallinn six times a week and achieved in 2010 a punctuality of 90%.


Punctuality Award Long Haul Airline

Etihad Airways flies to Abu Dhabi six times a week, which will increase to eight times a week on 1 June 2011. In 2010 Etihad operated their flights with a punctuality of 80%.


Efficiency Award Cargo

Cathay Pacific Cargo has three flights a week to Dubai and Hong Kong. In 2010 Cathay Pacific succeeded in loading/unloading 0.98 tonnes of freight per minute.



Environment and Safety

The environmental and safety award is awarded for outstanding performance in 2010 as regards reducing air traffic nuisance, and for contributing to continuous improvement in safety standards and safety awareness.



Environmental Award

Belgocontrol, for their pioneering role in reducing emissions on and around Brussels Airport by developing and initiating Continuous Descent Operations and Collaborative Decision Making at Brussels Airport.



Safety Award

DHL, and in particular Senior Supervisor Ramp Operations Luc Waegemans, for frequently using the Voluntary Safety Reporting System web application, and his many recommendations for improving safety.



Network and route development

For the network development awards airlines are nominated that have distinguished themselves through the opening of new routes and growth in the volume of passengers or freight.


Network Development Award Short Haul Airline

Middle East Airlines, for introducing 3 flights a week to Beirut in June 2010. In the meantime MEA has increased the frequency to 5 times a week in 2011 and the schedule has been adapted so that connecting flights to America and Africa can be offered.


Network Development Award Long Haul Airline

Brussels Airlines and Hainan Airlines are joint winners. Brussels Airlines for the introduction of 4 new African destinations in July 2010 and Hainan Airlines for the new direct flights to Shanghai in May 2010, in addition to the existing route to Beijing.


Network Development Award Cargo Airline

EVA Airways Cargo, for starting a 3rd weekly flight to Delhi and Taipei in 2010, the capacity increase from MD11F to B747-400F, and 110% growth in freight volume.


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