Brussels Airport joins missing type campaign

August 16, 2016

missingtypeOn several locations at the airport certain letters were removed from the logo or hidden.

The logo on this website too misses a few letters. The type that is missing are the letters A, B and O.

The missing letters symbolise the donors' blood groups the Red Cross needs to maintain supplies in Belgium.

By removing these letters from its logo, Brussels Airport is actively supporting the "Missing Type" campaign currently run by the Belgian Red Cross urging people to donate blood.

On the website of the Belgian Red Cross you can check the supply of your blood type.  And what you need to do to become a donor...

_EC_ME  _NE  _F  _UR  LIFE  S_VERS.  D_N_TE  _L__D !*

*Become one of our life savers. Donate blood!

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