Aviation Development

Our Aviation Marketing team works together with both passenger and cargo airlines to explore market opportunities.

Commercial partners

Brussels Airport makes space available to companies that wish to develop a commercial undertaking at the airport, such as shops, services, bars or restaurants.

Travel agents & tour operators

Dear Partner in Travel! We welcome all travel industry professionals to the Brussels Airport website.

Advertising at the airport

Brussels Airport offers a prestigious setting at the heart of an international transport network with a large choice of communication supports.

Events & Catering

Brussels Airport has a large choice of bars and restaurants to suit the tastes of visitors and passengers alike.

Meeting rooms

Brussels Airport offers several reception rooms for your meetings, presentations and congresses.

Operational communication

We strive to keep our clients well informed of all developments at Brussels Airport.

General Aviation

Ground handling services for General Aviation at Brussels Airport

Staff Car Parks - Rules & Regulations

Airport badges

It is mandatory for all persons who work at Brussels Airport to wear an airport identification badge.

Charges and Fees

Charges and fees at Brussels Airport

Randstad Airport

Randstad Airport recruit different types of profiles in the airport sector.

Application for the placement of a crane

According to ICAO regulations it is mandatory to obtain the advice of the airport operator for any permanent or temporary construction at or in the vicintiy of the airport.

Filming at the airport

Because of its unique setting, the airport is sometimes used as a location in all kinds of movies films, television series, publicity spots and entertainment programmes.

Guided tours

Every year about 20,000 visitors participate in a guided tour of Brussels Airport.

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